The Tech Savvy Executive is an organization of business-focused technology executive leaders focusing on turning technology into a source of efficiency and competitive advantage.

We have years of experience in senior roles as IT directors, CIOs (Chief Information Officers), CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) and as leaders in IT service companies. We draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge that smaller businesses can rarely access.

We are committed to ensuring that our clients get the best out of technology and technology suppliers. At the heart of our service is our independence, our can do attitude, and our long-term hands-on role to be part of your business’s success story.

Clients usually engage with us when their technology is not providing a positive return or they have a business strategy that their current managers or suppliers do not understand.  We offer Fractional, Interim and On-Demand CIO / CTO services.

We are on your side and we are in it for the long term

We are not an IT provider or supplier. Instead we make sure your providers and suppliers give you what you need. We are impartial so we do the right thing for your business and we explain it in a language you understand. We are part of your senior team, managing internal people or external suppliers, and our only objective is to make your business more successful.  We are on your side and we are part of your long-term success story.

We work strategically yet we deliver reality

Most service providers will tell you what they sell, but we understand what you need and ensure you get it. If your business priority is reducing costs then we find savings for you. If your business rests on customer service, we create an technology strategy to improve customer service. If you need to move your business online or to create new technology-based revenues then we devise and deliver ways to do this.  Or if your business is struggling with technology, reporting, processes or teams who do not work together then we redesign, fix and streamline operations. We reduce costs, drive growth and ensure you have business and technology alignment. We are about understanding what you need and make it happen.

We make your technology suppliers and technology staff work successfully

We manage your existing providers and suppliers to ensure your business is getting a good value and solve problems. If necessary we replace suppliers. We have a rich network of firms that we know and trust, but we have no commercial arrangements with them. We are entirely independent. We also lead, coach or manage your internal people as leaders and functional experts.  As experienced leaders and managers, we will help technology staff improve their processes and communications throughout the business.

We are not a consultancy or recruitment agency

Consultants often produce impressive presentations and graphs but do not actually take responsibility for delivering. Recruitment agents place an individual and then disappear.  The Tech Savvy Executive are experts, backed by our experience and methods.  Our strategy is to work with you indefinitely because we make your business more successful.

There is no risk

We don't impose any minimum on our clients. You simply pay as you go. There is no up-front fee, none of the risk of an employee or of a fixed-term contract.