Fractional CIO / CTO Service

Ambitious businesses of any size need outstanding technology leadership, but for smaller organizations it is not practical or cost-effective to employ an executive level technology leader full-time.  Uniquely we provide independent, business-focused "fractional" executive technology leaders – ranging from a day each month to two or three days every week. It’s about a long-term, individual commitment to your business success. Our Fractional CIO / CTOs are first class leaders that have the passion, aptitude and cultural fit to work with small and mid-size businesses.

On-Demand Services

Expertise on-demand, on tap and on your side.

  • Technology Assessment
  • Business Resumption Plan
  • Technology Strategic Analysis
  • Research and Development
  • Services Review
  • Hardware Life-cycle Review
  • Software Selection
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Sensitive Data Management
  • Merger and Acquisition Technology Analysis
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Contract Negotiations and Management
  • Governance—Policy, Procedures, Security, Service Levels

Interim CIO / CTO

An Interim CIO / CTO is generally retained for a limited time period, often to oversee a transition, specific project or fill a temporary gap.

Service Emphasis

Technology Strategy and Investment – For many smaller businesses information technology is unfamiliar or uncomfortable territory.  Many businesses lack a coherent strategy that targets technology investments at their business objectives. Our Fractional technology leaders will understand your business and create a straightforward, relevant technology strategy.

Innovation – Our technology executives work with businesses that are growing, reorganizing, creating new products, or taking on new markets by using technologies or making better use of existing technology investments. We enable your innovation and manage the organizational, people and technology challenges.

Expense Management – We get your technology budget working harder and providing greater value to your business. Typically, we realize savings of 15% in the first 12 months and improve your service levels at the same time.

Internet, Web and Social – The Internet, web and social is critical to business. These are domains that need to be led cooperatively by both a business and technology expert. Multi-channel business means merging operations and systems to web, mobile or other online channels. Technology must be at the center and we provide the capability to deliver.

Security and Compliance – You need to avoid falling foul of security or compliance requirements, which can bring your business to its knees. We make sure this does not happen.  We make sure you understand the risks.